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Double Glazing and conservatory websiteK
we are a local business and wanted to be seen as a professional company within the double glazing and conservatory Industry, we also required a website to allow us to advertise on the local spirit fm radio station in Chichester, thanks Webwise, with the integration and contact pages, its now easy for us to reply to our site users and allow them to select there windows and door sizes online.
Darren Wayne, Bognor Regis West Sussex UK

Content Writing - UK
Because we are in the food business, we wanted to project an image that is professional, efficient and reliable, and that our food products are nutritious, clean and safe. A small scare on some bacteria or what can help bring a business like ours down. Web Wise Solutions understood exactly what we needed and came up with a website with content that shows how dedicated we are to our customers through words and pictures. Twenty-five pages of work all tailor-made for us. Web Wise was a tremendous help to us.
Colin Jo,,pshire

Our company is quite small and operating only within a small and limited territory, so to speak. Our client base is made up mostly of people from our own communities, people we have known well and who have given us their trust. We decided to extend our arms to a wider reach and we thought that putting up a website would do it for us. Having that website helped made our expansion possible, and Web Wise Solutions made it all possible for us.
Daved Child, N.Ireland

Web Design - UK
We are in the clothing business, so image means a lot to us. It shows in the way we package our items, the way we dress up our shops, in everything that we do. So, as we bring our services online, this concern became forefront in our minds: How can we project to our clients that our clothing line is excellent if our website is mediocre? Thankfully, Web Wise Solutions came up with a template that is very well suited to our needs and answers our concerns to the letter. Our website is fabulous, just as it should.
Alfred Sam, Scotland

Web Design - UK
My website is just a personal website. No biggie. I was just going to use it to dump some stuff, put up an online portfolio and maybe a blog. But even if it is just a no biggie thing, I want my website to reflect who and what I am. I want every visitor to my site to be just blown away. I could have asked friends to do it, even for free. But I wanted a professional to do it for me, and Web Wise Solutions was it. The work they did for me is simply smashing.
Tim Knight, Wales

Flash Animation - US
Using flash animation can do huge wonders to a website. It gives a website that extra pizzazz. We had feedback that our website looked boring because it was all text and lacks graphics. We wanted to liven up our site with some interactive animation that will not slow down our visitors' connections even when they are on dialup. Web Wise Solutions did just that and gave us exactly what we wanted. Mad props for that.
Mike Gibson, Florida

Content Management System - US
Our website has a members-only forum. The forum gives us a base for advertising our products online. As an added service, we wanted our clients to be able to customize they view our website as well as the way their profiles pages look according to how they wanted it to look like. We wanted this to be an easy process. Web Wise Solutions did exactly this for us and we are happy with their work.
Mark Booth, California

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